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Group Founder: zeena
Description: Hearty welcome 2 frndz who knw d true meanin of pure frndz gratitude n togetherness .....dis grp consists of frndz ment 4 each other .....well abt dis grp you can find software, games , freewares , mp3s, wallpapers n a lot of stuff lyk other grps .....but a group remains a group till its united wid love n frndshp ...if u understand wht true frndshp is den plz join in 2 ....ZEEWORLD ~ WHERE FRNDZ BCOME BST FRNDZ
Group Type: Public join
Members: 372
Category: Picture Groups > People

Topics (545)

go ~@ ChiT ChaT 4 ~@ [5273] go2hell
There is Some Problem in Chit chat 3 Thread Thats Why Creating New One.

go -@ Happy Birthday Zeena @- (8) zehrela1
HAPPY Birthday to my Dearest Frnd Zeena.Jaha bhi Raho Khush Raho :)

go Facebook Report (2) 786kunal
Kuch purane frnds se bat karte huwe Mene notice Kiya ki log Kisi ek insan k khilaf baten karne k chakkar me khud k country k khilaf hi baten karne lag jate haiPresident or vice president or even Prime...

go aaj bi intzar hai (2) jassi07
arey dosto kisi ko milne ki chahat nahi rahi kaisi bana layi life tum logo ne yaar,, itna digital zamana toh ho gya par pyar khatam rishte naate khatam kar liye,, miss u yaaro,, marte dam tak mujhe l...

go YouTube Channel Of My Son (7) 786kunal
I had created YouTube Channel for my son to save memories of him. Channel has 78 videos and I am uploading on every Saturday at 6:00 PM. you please visit it ?D...

go prodigits ka safar (29) afsakhan
hehe.gif aap sab ko ye batana hai aap yaha tak kaise pahuche nd kaisa lagata hai yaha aak

go Guess part-2 [2608] firdows FRIENDS. . . ERE U HV 2 GUESS WH0 G0NA MAKE ENTRY AFTA U. . .S0 GUYS TRY UR LUCK!! goodluck.gif LETS C WH0 GUESS RYT..!!

go yaaden.. (23) zeena
zeenworld pehle sirf ek group nahi tha ek family ka mahol tha yaha....ab bus ek bejan si group banke rehgaya b zeenworld se jude the pehle ya ab aapke b kuch yaaden hongi in zeenworld k page m...

go ~Suggest a job 4 d abv person~ [265] diya786
Another fun topic...Suggest a job 4 d above person whom u find suitable 4 him/herfor ex-Lecturar,Bodyguard ,ur personal secretary, or anything funny u want to suggestSo start wid me..

go yoga [191] afsakhan
jo jo bhi yoga ka jitana jatana yaha likho

go ~Happy New Year 2017 : Planet Zeenworld~ (8) sandy4u
party.gif Happy New Year to Planet Zeenworld ke sabhi Alien log.. party2.gif party4.gifSabhi ke liye naya saal dher saari khushiyaan leke aae.. Kisi ki shaadi ho jaae to koi is saal mummy papa ban jaae..(p...

go Group Colour (31) zehrela1
Dear Frnd Here u can Suggest Color for Grp .....whenever u feel like kai kaafi days ho gaye color change kiye so tum yaha mention kar dena .

go @~ WAR BETWEEN GIRLS V/S BOYS [1201] zehrela1 is a very interesting game...we start with a number say....100 every guy that opens the post, add 2 (100+2=102) and every girl that ope...

go Babbar Sher (6) zehrela1
Yaha Aapko JiTne Babbar Sher AaTe Hai Likh Dalo.

go Chat in 3 words [1090] kush
sirf 3 word me chat karni kam na jyada....Exmpl ....Aap kese hoMe thik huSamaj gaye lets start


Photos (4894)

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Files (3753)

1 animal funny
2 Jaam
3 My dance
4 Gal
5 Gift
6 0pen Card
7 Bukke
8 Bahar0 phuul barsa0
9 Luck
10 Love_guitar
11 ww
12 wishes
13 For zeenworld friends,,mising u all
14 Lol
15 Gud m0wnin


Polls (25)

go Does it hurts wen u hurt some1 close to u ?
go Is Bharat Presidents 11 squad choice against Australia good?
go Sabi ko keska intjar hota hai 20-25 age me
go Who has been India's best prime minister?
go Q. Rail accidents has now become a daily news-What do you think is the reason behind this?
go Q. Which Bollywood Actors Defy their Age the Most?
go Q. Will there be an end to terrorism?
go Q. Did Amitabh really had an affair with rekha?
go Q. Murali's 800 wicket Record can't be broken.
go Q. Can India win Cricket world cup 2011?
go aaj ki duniya
go kiska love sahi hotahe?
go Best soft drink?
go Can the living talk or see tha dead??
go After death are we becoming angels or not???


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